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Celestial Havens has formed with a passion for spending leisure holidays in a heavenly atmosphere for the travel lovers. We have a set of employees who travel across world and ensure the destinations to offer quality packages for our customers. Our employees have already traveled to many destinations and possess good knowledge on destinations. We assure your happiness not only when you travel to destinations, also till the end of the trip that you may carry memories full of joy and happiness. We have specially designed packages for Corporate, Families, and Individuals and for The Groups. Also we have updated information on latest trends on holidays that we can suggest too. We care for our customers and their satisfaction is the one we deserving for… 




As we all know that have certain values for the most important element in our life and that’s is our own family. Spending relaxed time with our family is so precious and memorable – that’s the assurance from our end. We all do high time work daily and end up at home at the end of the day - Budgeted life, well planned timelines , pre-decided meetings etc as well managed by us.  What about Holidays ? What about Tours ? What about your Travel requirements? . There we could be a support and guide for you. Time to relax and be with family, friends, groups etc. We at Celestial Haven can guide you to pre-workout your holidays and can have fun along with your business occasions, friends, family's, relatives and the groups.


             WORLD YOU LIVE IN

Whole wide world – Our beautiful world created by Lord God is an amazing place where we enjoy to live in. Don’t you want to see that …….? The Whole World……. How Good it is – taste and see. The Colorful world is built on beautiful natural combinations or otherwise perfect combinations. The Land you walk, the sea you dive in, the forest that calls out with lovely green stuffs etc has got it’s own difference and uniqueness.. Are we really making our mind to spend some time to enjoy these uniqueness. Are you interested in meeting people of different countries or  you want to spent your personal time by yourself… It is you who decide what to do and tell us… we are there to help you in getting it done…


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